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Woody Allen Butt-Loving Pedophile is the term used by Ghost to refer to pedophiles. A pedophile is someone who is sexually attracted to children. The topic of pedophilia has come up at various occasions on True Capitalist Radio. This topic became more commonly discussed in November 2016, when Ghost began talking about Pizzagate. The term came from the sexual allegations that were filed at American film producer Woody Allen by his adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow.

Although pedophilia is treated seriously as a topic for the most part, there have been countless trolls about it. Ghost, of course, does not find this funny, and as of the Return era when Pizzagate became a topic, he has claimed that pedophiles, as well as people who are pro-pedophilia or find pedophilia funny, should be investigated, beaten up, or even killed.


In the 2011-2012 era, Ghost was trolled by a person who did an impression of Herbert the Pervert, the elderly pedophile seen in Family Guy. Herbert's calls have notably caused great deals of rage, but he did not return in 2016.

When Ghost began to discuss Pizzagate on the show, many crude Twitter Shoutout names were made, including "Drop Pants like Domino's", "Pizza Hut Kids' Club", and more notably, "BJs for Chuck E. Cheese Coins". There were also a couple of Radio Graffiti calls related to this, but those who did sometimes risked their number being given out in the air by Ghost.

In Capitalist Episode 433, a failtroll from California called in saying that he was waiting for a "washed-up radio host with a Haitian pizza by the wheelchair ramp". Ghost was none too pleased by this, and demanded the caller answer his question on if he thought child pornography was funny. The caller did not give an answer or say anything else, which resulted in Ghost giving his number out and rage-quitting. In the following broadcast, the caller returned, and Ghost pointed out that his address was on a sexual predator list. Ghost asked for a reason on why that is, but did not get an answer. The caller was eventually doxed by Ghost's listeners. This did not put an end to pedophilia and Pizzagate-related trolls.

During Radio Graffiti on The Ghost Show Episode 19, someone played an intro splice called "True Pedophile Radio", and as one would expect, Ghost raged hard.


Main article: Pizzagate

Pizzagate is a conspiracy theory in which it is claimed that Hillary Clinton, along with other members of the Democratic Party, has ties with John Podesta shown via leaked e-mails. The Democratic Party was accused of being involved with a child trafficking ring along with the staff of Comet Ping Pong, a pizzeria in Washington, D.C., as well as accusations of practicing satanism and pedophilia.

Ghost and his listeners take this topic seriously, with some listeners such as TrumpinCapitalist conducting their own research. Of course, trolls couldn't help but make jokes about it, and it led to a series of sick shoutout names and Radio Graffiti calls.

Notable/Presumed Pedophiles

  • Jerry Sandusky - An ex-football coach at Penn State University who was jailed in November 2011 when it was discovered he molested over forty teenage boys. Following his arrest, there was a large amount of shoutout names related to him.
  • Milo Yiannopoulos - A former journalist for Breitbart news. Following resigning from Breitbart, Milo made comments defending pedophilia, much to Ghost's disgust. This then led to various shoutout names making fun of Milo.
  • Goofy Bone - A former caller of True Capitalist Radio. He was arrested in summer 2011 for supposedly molesting an underage girl.
  • TheTechGuy - A Serious Caller who called in on early episodes of TCR. After being outed as a pedophile on-air during Capitalist Episode 57, he was banned from calling into the show again.
  • Roy Moore - A Republican politician who lost support of the GOP after he was accused of sexual misconduct towards underage girls. This led to trolls making shoutout names such as "Moore's Kiddy Diddlers" and "Roy Hoochey my Coochie".
  • Liquid Schwartz - Although not actually a pedophile, Ghost accused him of being one in Capitalist Episode 560 after he leaked private audio.
  • Anime watchers and Bronies - Ghost believes all anime watchers are sexual predators. Same for bronies, as he is uncomfortable by the fact that grown men are obsessed with a kids' show.


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