World War III

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Ghost's WWIII theory, circa 2012.

Not to be confused with Troll War III

Ever since the end of World War II, man has wondered when the inevitable World War III will take place and who or what be involved. In 2011-12, Ghost has stated his belief that the next world war could start in the next few months. While many dismiss this as crazy talk, Ghost's vision of World War III is considerably probable, and many of his listeners agree. Some say the beginning of World War III began with the 9/11 WTC attacks (which they believe were a false flag operation), as shown on the documentary September Clues.

Since the Return, Ghost has referred to the hypothetical future war as World War IV stating that the Cold War was a World War.

Ghost's Vision of WWIII

Ghost has proposed two different theories for World War III in the history of True Capitalist Radio.

Iranian Conquest

This was a theory that Ghost created during his 2011-2012 run.

Ghost believed that US troops leave Iraq the country will destabilize, giving Iran the opportunity to "take over" the country either through annexation or turning it into a puppet state. Iran will then support the "winning" side in the Syrian conflict and make a puppet/ally out of Syria, possibly installing troops in the country. From Syria, Iran has a clear shot at its enemies which include Israel, Saudi Arabia, and if it saw NATO as a threat, Turkey.

Before, during, or after the "Iranian conquests," Ghost believes that Iran will attack US targets which will most likely be US military bases. If Iran were to attack US-Israeli/NATO bases, it could cripple western influence on the Middle East, giving Iran the opportunity to take control of the region. (See the map for countries with a US military presence, outlined in blue.)

Ghost believes that powers such as China and Russia will support Iran in its conquest of the Middle East.

New Ottoman Empire

This was a newer theory that Ghost created Post-Return after the attempted Turkish coup in July 2016. The overall theory is pretty similar with "Iranian Conquest" theory, with events unfolding in the same area and mostly same countries being involved in the events, except Turkey now replaced Iran.

Ghost sees the 2016 coup attempt in Turkey was a false flag orchestrated by the Erdoğan administration. Erdoğan uses the coup as an excuse to enact totalitarian measures and to get rid of any potential political or military opponents. This coup attempt was only made possible by Russian assistance as Erdoğan likely didn't posses skilled enough intelligence network to stage an event of such magnitude. This assistance has allowed the Russia-Turkey relations to improve rapidly, despite the 2015 Russian Sukhoi Su-24 Shootdown and Russia will now offer military and financial support to Turkey in its future military operations. Ghost also believes China will eventually come to Turkey's support, owing to its previous hostilities with United States.

With Russian and Chinese support, Turkey will invade northern Iran and Syria, striking against ISIS witch Ghost believes will fold fairly quickly as the locals would accept the Turkish as their liberators since they are already at this point exhausted from the constant war and just want it to end quickly. These conquests will likely create a rift between Turkey and its western allies as well as the international community, but Turkey will be able to survive despite possible international sanctions thanks to Russian and Chinese support.

Despite calling it World War III, Ghost doesn't believe the conflict will ultimately lead into a war between Russia and NATO, but international tensions will likely rise, leading to instability in the markets as well as possible further totalitarian measures in western countries.