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Xarahox was the resident Piano Man on the True Capitalist Radio (or the Pianist (pronounced pee-nist), as Ghost calls him). He calls in and either plays a random piece, or something related to current events. The majority of the time, Xarahox plays music and gets praise from Ghost. However, on a few occasions, he has played music that has annoyed Ghost, such as "Inspector Gadget" which Ghost now shows disdain for, due to the "Inspector Hambone" remix (Given an honorable mention in the Ghostie 2011 Award show, said remix was made by The Harbingerr) that was made of him, as well as "Sweet Caroline" which Ghost also dislikes, due to it reminding him of his sister-in-law, Caroline. Xarahox rarely speaks or trolls during his calls, however he does listen to and call up other shows including Goofy Bone and Debi Daly. During these calls he is more prone to talking than playing piano.

At first Ghost was resistant of Xarahox's playing and believed it to be a recording, but after Ghost came to realize that it was actually a live player he began to appreciate Xarahox's participation in the show. When Xarahox plays a memorable song that Ghost enjoys, Ghost will often join in and sing a few lines, most likely causing a new remix to be made of him.

Outside of playing piano on calls, Xarahox can often be seen "spamming the chat" with either his Twitter or YouTube addresses.

Xarahox, along with SharpSplicer (who worked alongside Unnamed Paradox on the "Money, Success, Fame, Bronies" remix) have also written an original song by themselves.


Uh, who cares? I hope he killed himself.

—Ghost, when asked about xarahox's absence

On the December 31, 2011 episode, Xarahox announced he would rarely call in the future. However, despite his New Year's announcement, Xarahox has called during early 2012 shows. He announced that he had made schedule changes to be available during the show.

xarahox found himself briefly involved in the IbanEzzo incident in February 2012 as a Paltalk mod.

According to DarkRazorZ's comment made on his May 9, 2012 Radio Graffiti video, when a caller asked what happened to Xarahox, and Ghost told him he hoped Xarahox had killed himself, a commenter was concerned why Ghost responded negatively about him. DarkRazorZ responded stating that Xarahox and GhettoCapitalist had a major argument, in which Xarahox got mad and leaked the password to the admin controls for the chatroom, in which people used the password to completely ruin the chatroom, thus causing Ghost to abhor him ever since.

In the 2016 shows, Xarahox returned, and Ghost seemed to have forgiven him, and although he hasn't called in since BTR dropped Skype, he's still an active member of the Inner Circle.

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