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YouTube is a Google owned website that allows people to upload videos of their own original content to share to the world. YouTube has been used as a method of trolling Ghost.

Ghost's YouTube Activity

Ghost has a YouTube channel that he occasionally uses. Ghost often Tweets YouTube videos to his Twitter followers. The followers raid the video, disliking it and leaving harsh comments. Ghost has received several complaints from video uploaders about the misconduct of his fanbase, causing him to rage back at them during the broadcast. Ghost has uploaded a handful of capitalist-related videos.

Ironically despite his hatred for the site, YouTube ultimately became Ghost's primary broadcasting platform after he started The Ghost Show. After having his streaming privileges temporarily suspended after Episode 74 being taken down mid-stream, he would move to different streaming platforms, ranging from VaughnLIVE as his primary broadcasting platform for several months before coming back to YouTube. He would also stream on Periscope before getting banned and would eventually begin stream on DLive.

Ghost has been noted to move back and forth from Youtube to DLive depending on the situation between him and said platforms.

Ghost vs YouTubers

Ghost holds a deep resentment for many popular professional YouTubers, most notably Markiplier (which he pronounces "Markipiler") and Pewdiepie (which he pronounces "poodie pie"). He believes that YouTubers are "talentless twats with bad lighting" and self-centered idiots, and often references the existence of YouTube channels who do mundane activities such as cutting things in half. Ghost is particullary pissed off with YouTubers because he sees them as a cause of the absolute "pussification" of modern male, the lack of talent that he thinks making videos takes and the "materialistic zombie idiot" fans that blindly follow these YouTubers. As a result, Ghost views YouTube as a contributing factor to Junkyard America. Comparing Ghost to popular YouTubers can elicit rage and rants from him.

Screencap of Pyrocynical confessing to being a TCR listener, claiming it "made him do YouTube." (Image by 10centcapitalist)

After several popular YouTubers such as Boogie2988 and LeafyIsHere where hacked in June and July of 2016, Ghost reacted by stating that the said YouTubers deserved to get hacked and refused to confirm or deny if Capitalist Army had any involvement with the hackings.

During Radio Graffiti on Episode 297, someone played a splice involving YouTuber McJuggerNuggets (who is known for his "Psycho family" videos), causing Ghost to cans.wav and throw a tantrum over YouTubers, mainly JuggerNuggets and Boogie2988. Ghost went back on his comments towards JuggerNuggets in Episode 318, saying that he appreciates how he stated that all of his videos were staged and that he is encouraging his viewers to make their own content.

None of the YouTubers Ghost has mentioned seem to even know he exists. However, popular Leafy-clone Pyrocynical appeared in TheBronyNetwork's stream of the show during Capitalist Episode 358 and confirmed that he was a former listener of the show before Ghost's hiatus, while being surprised that he had not yet heard about the show's Return.

Boogie eventually came across one of Ghost's rants on him, laughing it off and calling Ghost out, which he took as a victory on his part. Upon hearing what Boogie said during Episode 555, Ghost didn't seem to care much, calling Boogie's "God's joke" and question why he gets to live despite being a fatass while more famous people pass away.

Ghost has also been critical of Youtube livestreams, specifically the "Internet Bloodsports" community and notable figures such as the Ralph Retort and Mister Metokur, causing TCR to wind up being played on the Ralph Retort, as well as Metokur to acknowledge Ghost in a positive manner. Ghost was grateful for Metokur's response, though continued to call him overrated.

That Creepy Reading made a video called "9 of the Worst Live Streamers That NEED to STOP!" with Ghost's segment mentioning the the Ibanezzo Incident and other exploits. After someone donated the segment during The Ghost Show Episode 302, Ghost threatened to DMCA the video over its "lies". While the majority of the information is accurate, commenters of the video noticed errors in his research; he failed to mention that the Radio Graffiti paywall was dismantled.


YouTube has become the place where almost all new remixes, splices, and outtakes from Ghost's show have been uploaded, completely replacing the soundboards. DarkRazorZ has a popular YouTube channel that he formerly used to regularly upload best-of outtakes from Ghost's show, mostly radio graffiti and rage-quit calls. Since the Return though he has been busy, apparently, with military service and has not continued to upload.

YouTube has also been used to upload animations made in Gmod and Source Film Maker involving Ghost.

Ghost frequently rants about how he will get punitive damages "out of your ass" for uploading besmirching videos of him onto YouTube and other websites. He claims that he's contacted people and websites and that its "in the works". It has been at least six months since the original claims and nothing yet has happened to anyone.

Ghost allowed users to upload videos of themselves with his merchandise to prove that it arrived. He offered to follow them on Twitter until January the 8th for it.

TCR-related YouTubers

There are various YouTubers who regularly and popularly upload videos of and relating to Ghost to YouTube. Among these include:


  • ElFoxoLoco / PunishedFoxo - Regularly uploaded entire Radio Graffiti/Twitter Shoutout segments. ElFoxoLoco's videos usually got views in the thousands. Due to DarkRazorZ's absence since The Return, he initially took the reins as the main uploader of Radio Graffiti and Twitter Shoutouts, though he started editing out failtrolls and brown nosers, as well as brony calls after his fallout with the fandom. Before Ghost's 2017 hiatus, he has since stopped uploading Radio Graffiti due to the Elfoxo Poz-hole incident, Leaving the community for a while. However, he would make his return uploading Radio Graffiti/Donation segments around May 2021.
  • GhostlerJones - This user is currently reuploading Radio Graffiti and Twitter Shoutout segments from 2016-2017 on a semi-daily basis (albeit censored), after they were lost from ElFoxo's takedown.
  • Steven Stinkyverse - Another uploader of Radio Graffiti segments and other Ghost Show highlights, but also uploads uncensored copies to BitChute. Some of his other uploads recently included donations made to a VTuber named Pippa under Ghost's name. His channel was taken down once by YouTube, but he came back "reborn".
  • The True Capitalist Radio Show - A very new user that's currently uploading Radio Graffiti and Shoutout segments completely unedited and unfiltered. The videos are scheduled on the days every broadcast was released in the past. Some episodes include moments from outside of Radio Graffiti and Shoutouts to make the videos a bit more interesting. His channel will have a 4 year lifespan of videos from the first shoutout episode to the last BlogTalkRadio episode as the user behind it refuses to upload anything The Ghost Show related due to his disdain towards the show.


  • DarkRazorZ - Helped to popularize the show, specifically Radio Graffiti and the trolling aspect of it. His first video is the most popular video relating to Ghost on the internet and has over 800,000 views. Its popularity skyrocketed immediately and brought floods of newfags onto the show during the summer of 2011. After uploading Ghost's Emergency Broadcast in 2016, he has remained inactive due to being in the USAF, which he sometimes says was thanks to Ghost.
  • 213 - Used to upload all his own calls to YouTube, being one of the most popular TCR trolls, though since 2012 many of them were deleted by him.
  • Coodoo17 - Features many of his full prerecorded insult carols on his channel and a compilation of all his pre-hiatus calls with Ghost's reactions, as well as some other TCR-related content. Prophetically, he also has a video from 2014 mocking Nickelback's "Photograph", which would go on to be a major trolling meme.
  • The Brony Network - Used to livestream almost every new episode on YouTube and have it uploaded on the channel. While being a brony he did have good relationship with Ghost and the community. During Episode 597 due to the content of the third hour. He had received an 3 month ban on YouTube and went to Twitch for relaying the show in the meantime but the following the drama that occurred in Ghost's Discord after Capitalist Episode 600, BN King was kicked from both chats. He made a gab post, stating that he was done relaying streams. On a recent video he mentions that all TCR content on his channel will be deleted on the 1st of September, he has followed through on it but instead of deleting them, he has them unlisted.
  • Lightning Note - Regularly uploaded shoutouts/Radio Graffiti in its entirety unedited and uncut to prevent any troll bias as seen in the past, as well as due to Elfoxo leaving the community and no longer uploading Radio Graffiti. Has stopped uploading content from TonyTalk due to drama with the TonyTalk community. Because of Ghost's nature, YouTube's terms of service, and Lightning Note's Videos being unfiltered, would be the main factors for his channel to be terminated by YouTube. He has since retired from the community but has uploaded nearly every video to the InternetArchives, and a handful on Bitchute.
  • J-Man Capitalist - Uploads many of his Ghost-related splices to a playlist, and also a compilation of Ghost's reactions to his featured splices to YouTube under the moniker SneakiestChameleon. He temporarily replaced ElFoxoloco as a primary Shoutouts/Graffiti uploader during the time of the "poz-hole" controversy.
  • Bmar896 - A Garry's Mod animator who hosted Ghost Trolling collabs made using Gmod and SFM, and also an occasional uploader of TCR segments. As of Halloween 2017, he has regularly started uploading Gab shoutouts/Radio Graffiti, but cut down and edited, due to Elfoxo leaving the community and no longer uploading Radio Graffiti. However, after Ghost's 2018 hiatus, he has taken down all of his Radio Graffiti videos after receiving a second strike from YouTube and fearing losing his channel. He has uploaded a few more TCR videos following this ban being lifted, but he seemingly has no intention of re-uploading his old clips. 
  • InsaneEnergy - Reuploader and archiver of bmar896's deleted videos, other missing or deleted clips of the show, and the primary uploader of Ghost's new clips.
  • Metroid Junkie - Created a Source Filmmaker series called "Kapitalist Kooks" that utilizes clips from Radio Graffiti. He has called into the actual Radio Graffiti on occasion, and is noteworthy for playing Metroid music on a piano.

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